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DIOnavi Full Arch: A Fully Digital, and Highly Accurate Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Looking for a more comfortable, natural-looking alternative to dentures?

Full Arch restoration makes for an excellent edentulous solution - completed in only one visit to the dentist, offered at our North York dental clinic.

About the DIOnavi Full Arch Solution

Full Arch consists of a series of 4-6 fixed implant to support the function of an entire arch. As the procedure is all digital, the Full Arch solution is highly accurate and provides an incredible, natural-looking aesthetic result.

Another bonus: the minimally-invasive nature of the Full Arch procedure means less pain and discomfort, and a speedier recovery time for the patient.

Let’s look further into the benefits of DIOnavi Full Arch vs. traditional dentures:

  • Convenience:
    With a minimal number of implants required for with Full Arch, there is often only one visit required to complete your full restoration - which provides an unparalleled level of convenience for patients wanting their smile restored sooner than later.

    Alternatively, dentures can be rather inconvenient as they can contribute to a foreign body sensation in the mouth due to not being fixed and permanent - not to mention, they must be removed and cleaned every day before sleep.

  • Stability:
    Dental implants as part of a Full Arch procedure provide a permanent restoration as strong and stable as natural teeth, making them ideal for everyday functions like chewing, speaking and smiling - without the stress of an impermanent solution.

    Traditional dentures, on the other hand, are semi-permanent - with the device becoming more loose and less stable as time goes by; often moving or falling from the mouth while chewing or speaking.

  • Comfort:
    The Full Arch offers a high level of comfort with its minimal number of implants. Most patients report that their restoration feels just like their own teeth, with a perfect fit.

    Dentures, however, can be quite uncomfortable - especially with their tendency to move in the mouth and become looser over time.

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DIOnavi Full Arch now available as an alternative to the traditional dentures.